Traditional cuisine with tempting buffets


Whoever fancies a wonderful stay in and about Rimini, enjoying the extraordinary delicacies offered by the local cuisine, can not fail to opt for Hotel Caruso, excellent grounds located just steps from the sea and equipped with premium cuisine. Staff at the hotel likes to spoil their guests, offering them a wide selection of  traditional local food and dishes made using only carefully selected and natural ingredients.
Starting with breakfast, the bouquet of flavors offered is assorted and irresistible: every Goodmorning in our Hotel is characterized by a wonderful buffet, filled with sweets of all kinds, including our beloved homemade jam crostata’s, donuts, croissants, biscuits and jams of all sorts, beverages, yogurt, honey and for everyone else used to a continental breakfast, a wide selection of savory snacks.

Every day, for lunch and dinner, classic flavors of the local traditions are paired alongside a large selection of the most typical dishes in Italian cuisine and the latest in gastronomic inventions, all prepared with the warmth and passion of this beautiful region. Masterfully cooked new dishes are always on the menu, including fresh fish, quality meats, cheeses and local cold cuts, the creative hot and cold hors d’oeuvres buffet excites the imagination and appetite of each and every guest.

Hotel Caruso is pleased to invite anyone who needs to reach the city of Rimini for business or pleasure to their facility, with the promise to delight every guest who pays attention to quality restauranteering and is eager to savor food and dishes that pleasingly differentiate from the rest. Selected ingredients, belonging mostly to the area, make up the main meals of the day of whoever wishes to try a cuisine full of specialties and wisely revisited recipes, able to make relaxing days spent under the sun of the Riviera even more precious.